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【もくもく・黙々】 adverb (‘moku・moku) = silently; mutely; absorbedly.



Hi! we are MOKU, Japan-based furniture design studio founded and run by Masayuki & Hideyuki, a son & pop team.


Recent advance in software and hardware has brought new styles of working to all of us, whether you are a programmer or a designer, a teacher or a student, working in office or from home… But it has also forced us to work with an unnatural position, causing various problems to our bodies.


Having suffered from the same problem, our intention and hope is that our products will help people work more comfortably.


Desktop Chair, our first product was developed and brought into reality after a successful crowd-funding campaign in 2011 (our Campfire page). Desktop Stool, our second product also received support thru a crowd-funding campaign (our Kickstarter page) in October 2014. Our production and material procurement is supported by our partners in Taiwan who have helped us make products that are small in quantity yet high in quality.


Please share your requests and suggestions with us. We are also keen to collaborate with academic/medical experts in ergonomics and occupational health to improve our products and the experience it delivers.


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Engineering natural materials

Our production


Every MOKU product is made from premium natural wood sheets and by the combination of modern technologies and the hands of a craftsman. This translates to a quality wood furniture that is exceptionally strong, precise, and beautiful.

Raw materials



Wood sheets used in our products are scraped from raw timber. We work with a local partner in Taiwan to procure finest quality hardwood that are properly grown, cut, and managed.

Once wood sheets are prepared, they are cross-grained (layered perpendicularly) and tightly laminated to achieve maximum dimensional durability and quality consistency. This process turns the natural ingredients into an engineered material while preserving the warm resilient traits.

In forming our products, wood sheets are hydraulic-hot-pressed with controlled heat & pressure inside CNC-machined aluminum molds. This modern process brings greater precision and consistency to finished products.